HEALTHY HEART: 4 Major Heart Disease Myths & 10 Recent Breakthroughs – You Must Know!

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If you want to discover the ten most recent scientific breakthroughs in heart health, then don’t miss this week’s mind-blowing Masterclass.

Whether you want to end the confusion about which type of fats can reduce your risk of heart disease (and which cause inflammation and high cholesterol)…

Or to discover the seemingly random link between the amount of time you brush your teeth and decreasing your odds of heart disease by a whopping 30%…

This Masterclass will open your eyes to the 10 latest scientific discoveries that could save your life and give you more energy today.

You’ll learn how to separate fads from facts and discover proven, all-natural ways to lower your risk of disease — without medication or invasive surgeries.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to think differently so you can make small shifts that could add decades of healthy years to your life.

The Healthy Heart Masterclass will open your eyes and could save your life — or the life of a loved one.

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Our good friend Ocean Robbins from Food Revolution Network has teamed up with top holistic cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri (as seen on TEDx, PBS, and at the Vatican) to bring you this Masterclass.

Here are some fast facts about this program:

  • Why heart disease is often a silent killer. Most of its victims don’t even know they have cause for concern until it’s too late.
  • At least 90% of all heart disease can be prevented and even reversed — without drugs, surgeries, or stents. (Genetics aren’t the main driver like we once thought.)
  • With the ten recent scientific breakthroughs revealed in the Healthy Heart Masterclass, you can slash your risk of heart disease (and even reverse it).
  • Find out about the four biggest heart disease myths that even your doctor might not know in the Healthy Heart Masterclass.
  • Your heart is more than a pump. It needs love and connection! In fact, research has shown that stress, depression, anger, grief, and loneliness can all increase your chances of developing or dying from a heart condition. And love has been proven to heal! Find out more in this fantastic Masterclass with the cardiologist who’s not afraid to talk about love.
  • Is your heart the real reason you can’t lose weight or find the energy to do the things you love? Ignoring your heart health can zap your energy, make you overweight, wreck your sexual function, and ruin your sleep.
  • Discover what you’re doing right (and what you’re missing) when it comes to preventing heart disease and what the latest science says about reversing symptoms… No matter what your age and even if you have heart disease now.
  • Understand how to switch off the genes that cause heart disease — using natural, delicious, and wholesome foods — and why pills and surgeries are not the “miracle cure” we once thought.
  • Hear the little-known truth about why extra weight around your belly impacts more than just your pants size — it’s also a dangerous red flag for heart disease. This information can save your life.
  • Learn what NEVER to eat if you want to avoid or reverse dangerous cholesterol and high blood pressure — and why some ingredients found in common “health” foods (like omega-6 oils) are worse than we thought.

This might sound dramatic, but I want to share something that might just change your life. In fact, if everyone knew about this, millions of lives could be spared.

That’s because heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the entire world.

The truth is that most people (including many super health-conscious people) are still eating, exercising, and living according to outdated — and dangerous — heart health myths.

These mistakes could be:

  • Draining your energy. (Too tired to do the things you love, anyone?)
  • Wrecking your sleep — yes, it’s connected to your heart health.
  • Impacting your sexual function.
  • Keeping you overweight, especially around the stomach… This is more than just vanity. Belly weight can be a warning sign of something gravely serious.
  • Putting you at high risk for heart disease. (Even if your cholesterol is normal!)

>> This week, you can catch Dr. Mimi Guarneri’s Masterclass — Healthy Heart: 4 Major Heart Disease Myths & 10 Recent Breakthroughs.

You’ll learn how to separate fads from facts and discover proven, all-natural ways to lower your risk of disease, without medication or risky and debilitating surgeries.

The sad reality is that many of us have experienced deep pain, either personally or in our families, due to heart disease.

But Dr. Mimi is here to show you that prevention — and even reversal — are possible when you take the right steps.

Please make time to watch this today. The Healthy Heart Masterclass could make all the difference. And it’s available for a limited time — for free!

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