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John Assaraf Event - Rewire Your Brain for Unstoppable Success - FREE Ticket
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Have you heard of neuroplasticity?

It sounds complicated.

But what it really is is an amazing concept that explains how your brain can change and grow throughout your life.

Just like your body grows and gets stronger when you exercise, your brain can also get smarter and learn new things.

Isn’t that amazing? Your brain is like a superpower, and with practice and learning, you can do anything!

Now imagine attending a LIVE virtual event where you’ll be guided step-by-step on how to “refire and rewire” your brain for unlimited success and unstoppable self-confidence. 


Imagine feeling fully focused on your goals for an entire week (no social media distractions!)


Imagine not allowing your emotions or limiting beliefs to control you for an entire month…


Imagine having the confidence to get that whopper of a raise that gives you financial freedom…


Exciting, isn’t it? Well, this can be your reality in 2024.

John Assaraf (Star of “The Secret” and New York Times bestselling author) is hosting a once- in-a-lifetime event to help you ‘Rewire Your Brain for Unstoppable Success.”

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So this will 100% sell out. 

During this experiential event… you’ll be coached by brain expert John Assaraf and 5 of the world’s brightest minds.

Join Rewire Your Brain for Unstoppable Success Event & Get Innercise App 60% Off

You’ll also: 

   🧠 Get instant access to powerful strategies for rewiring your brain for success

   🧠 Practice mindfulness techniques to enhance focus, clarity, and productivity

   🧠 Discover proven methods for releasing your limiting beliefs & turning fear into fuel

   🧠 Explore the relationship between consciousness, the mind, and the brain

   🧠 Learn how to cultivate positive habits and behaviors that support your goals

   🧠 Join a community of like-minded individuals on a journey of personal transformation


Access to this event is running out, so please be quick and reserve your free spot ASAP. 

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So why is John so confident this will work for you?


Over 100,000 people from around the world, including myself, have used has brain training methods called Innercise (like exercise for your brain) to achieve massive success and fulfillment in their lives:


Billy Josey was stuck in the worst rut… today he has tripled his income and built his dream home in Florida (his bank actually emailed him about his earnings)


– Kay Richae went from struggling with her weight… to releasing 42lbs in just 13 weeks, completely changing how she looks and feels about herself


– Christine went from zero confidence… to having an unstoppable determination to win in life and to fulfill her biggest goals and dreams


The list goes on and on. Again, he’s helped over 100K students!


So, if you’re excited about seeing a path to success you’ve never seen before, and excited about unlocking a new level of potential you never knew you had…


Don’t miss your chance to join this experiential, immersive, and fun new event: 


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You’d also have access to Innercise is the #1 Mindset Coaching & Mental Fitness Training Program in the World (4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ App Store Rating)

Get Innercise is the #1 Mindset Coaching & Mental Fitness Training App 60% OFF (4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ App Store Rating)

With this app, you can access 500+ fully guided meditations, visualizations, affirmations, and high-performance brain training sessions by John Assaraf and a team of World-Class Mindset Experts. 


Want to start your day with confidence and drive? 


There’s an Innercise for that.


Need to release stress after a tough week of work? 


There’s an Innercise for that. 


Have a task that demands focus to perform your best? 


There’s an Innercise for that.


Want to let go of limiting beliefs so you finally unlock your fullest potential?


There’s an Innercise for that…

Here are 3 amazing, science-based Innercises to try for free:

  1. Take 6 Calm the Circuits – Take 6 is an Innercise® that leverages proven breathing techniques that effectively soothe the central nervous system, promoting a sense of calm, clarity, and control.
  1. Unstoppable Financial SuccessThis Wealth Innercise® will help you accelerate your financial success so you can achieve your wealth goals faster and easier than ever before — backed by proven science, 10 years of research, and over 100,000 members.
  2. Self-Love – In this Innercise®, you will work on cultivating self-love so you improve the relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have with others.

It’s John’s gift to you for being a beloved member of our community.

Top Brain Experts and Psychologists from Harvard, Oxford & Pepperdine have verified that Innercise® is the #1 mindset coaching and mental fitness program in the world.

With over 100,000 success stories️️ And a 4.9 App Store Rating 🧠


Join today to: 


  • Achieve any goal faster
  • Boost self-confidence 
  • Release anxiety
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Live life on your own terms!


All backed by cutting-edge science and 10 years of in-depth brain research.


But at Midnight tonight, this offer may expire. 

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I was struggling to make $5K a month. Now I’m making $1 MILLION DOLLARS 

a month. The biggest thing was getting my mindset right with Innercise. 

And programming my brain for success with John.” 

~ Mark L.

“It works like magic. With daily Innercise, I’ve been able to catch and shift my disempowering thoughts into positive new beliefs and self-talk. 

I have finally found inner peace and calm thanks to Innercise.

~Sefika E.




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