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spiritual awakening - waking up in the world - free online event 2018
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Waking Up in the World bringing you tools and insights to become a force for change in the world. 

What does it mean to “wake up in the world?”

It’s not about a belief system or a particular tradition. It is a felt sense that we are all connected and interdependent—with all human beings and all of life.

And the more you awaken from the illusion of separation and isolation, the greater your power to create change becomes.

In Waking Up In the World you’ll experience powerful insights and practical tools from 30 leading teachers, activists, and social visionaries on applying spiritual practice to the challenges of our time.

During this special gathering, we will be learning from some of the great spiritual teachers and social visionaries of our time to experience:

  • Turning towards our heartbreak and learning how it can be a gateway to our unique calling
  • Training in new skills to tap our inner resources for strength and hope
  • How to take the perspective of “the other,” uncover racial bias and reflect deeply on questions of class and privilege
  • How to find an unconditional joy in our connection with ourselves and each other
  • What it means to stand with the most vulnerable members of our society and put yourself on the critical path of being a change-maker
  • Waking Up in the World is an invitation to explore new perspectives, reflect deeply, and join the ever-growing movement of people who are transforming themselves—and the world.

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Waking up in the world - A Free Online Event to Heal Our Hearts, Cultivate Courage & Inspire Action - September 24–October 3, 2018

This transformational event include these featured presenters and topics:

  • ECKHART TOLLE, Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller The Power of Now “The Power of Presence in Uncertain Times”
  • VAN JONES, Bestselling Author, CNN Host, and President/Founder of Dream Corps “Breaking Out of Our Resistance Bubble”
  • TARA BRACH, PHD, Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge “Disarming Our Heart: Letting Go of Blame”
  • CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Bestselling Author of Women Who Run With the Wolves “Still, We Rise: Sorting, Saving, Sheltering, and Sowing the Seeds of New Life”

We’re looking forward to sharing this powerful event with you—and coming together with a shared intention for change >> Access recording at discount here! <<



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