Qigong Practices Designed for Your Health & Longevity

Qigong practices designed for your health & longevity
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Experience powerful health-boosting effects with Qigong’s 8 Cycles.

What if there was an ancient wisdom system that’s just as impactful today — full of practices that provide the path to a meaningful, disease-free, graceful life?

As celebrated Qigong master Robert Peng teaches his students around the world, Qigong’s 8 Cycles movement series and 312 Meridian Healing Protocol can have powerful health-boosting effects.

Qigong’s 8 Cycles is a series of gentle exercises you can safely practice to energize your body, calm your mind, activate your energy centers, and massage your internal organs — leaving you feeling nourished and invigorated so you can live a healthier, more vibrant life.

The 312 Meridian Healing Protocol is a set of Qigong practices to strengthen the body and activate all the meridians.

Robert will also explain the practice of acupressure using the powerful example of the Hegu acupressure point — the single most important point for treating disorders of the face, sense organs, head, and neck.

Combining Qigong’s 8 Cycles and the practice of acupressure can clear out meridian blockages, reinvigorate the flow of energy throughout your mind and body, and support you in feeling more balanced, vibrant, and at peace. 

Discover how these modalities can help you feel more connected to others and the world around you, more content with yourself, and more hopeful for the future.

Join us on Saturday, October 21, for a powerful free online event with Robert, world-renowned Qigong master and healer, as he introduces you to these powerful healing tools. 

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Qigong practices designed for your health & longevity

During this nourishing hour, you’ll:

  • Learn 312 Qigong’s secrets for easing stress, cultivating inner joy, and experiencing contentment, calm, and peace
  • Be guided in the movement practice of Playing the Tai Chi Ball, one of the 8 Cycles, to improve balance between your brain and body, harmonize your yin and yang energies, ease inner emotional turmoil in times of crisis, and nourish your body, mind, and spirit
  • Discover how the 312 Meridian Healing Protocol’s Hegu, Neiguan, and Zusanli acupressure points harness the power of the large intestine, heart, and stomach to keep you feeling youthful
  • Explore the balance between fear and caution with the Dynamic Horse Stance — a breathing movement that brings harmony to your body and prevents falls as you age
  • Experience a guided practice focusing on your 3 energy centers, or dantians, to help you breathe deeply and maximize your lung capacity

When you join Robert for this illuminating hour, you’ll also be one of the first to hear about his 7-week live video course, where he’ll teach the 8 Cycles movements and 312 Meridian Healing Protocol to help you improve your sense of balance, prevent illness, lift your spirits, and open your heart.

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In Live Long Qigong: Uncovering Hidden Connections Between Your Movement, Health & Longevity with Robert Peng

… you’ll discover how Qigong’s 8 Cycles + 312 Meridian Healing Protocol can help you age with energy, strength, clarity, and grace — and unlock your own fountain of youth.



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