Reclaim Ancient Dreaming Practices for Healing, Magic & Transformation

Dream Medicine for Your Soul Ancient Shamanic Dreamwork Practices for Healing, Wisdom & Visiting Other Times and Other Worlds…
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Across time and cultures, humans have turned to their dreams for wisdom, connection, and magic. 

And it’s no wonder — dreams give us access to deeper sources of wisdom than our waking lives can provide, says dreamwork pioneer Robert Moss

They enable us to connect with our souls, our ancestors, the animate spirits of Nature, and even a God or Goddess we can talk to. 

Your dreams can show you the future so you can prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Dreams are also medicine, revealing what’s happening in your body and soul and providing a path for healing.

Join Robert on Saturday, January 20 as Robert shows you how to reclaim the best of timeless dreamwork traditions that span diverse cultures and lineages…

… to grow a new dreaming society in which we share our dreams and rely on them, not only as keys to the health of the body and soul but also as vital tools for human survival.

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Dream Medicine for Your Soul Ancient Shamanic Dreamwork Practices for Healing, Wisdom & Visiting Other Times and Other Worlds…

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll gain insights from 12 ways of dreaming across time and cultures to add to your own practices as you also:

  • Learn how you can encounter authentic spiritual guides and teachers in your dreams, just as the Aborigines of Australia once did — and travel to places of personal healing, training, enlightenment, and initiation
  • Awaken to how, according to the Dream Shaman of Switzerland, the mind generates reality — and helps you prepare to recognize and act on special moments of synchronization and dream symbols from your waking life
  • Discover how dreams can reveal the state of your soul — and show you where to locate and reclaim more of your vital energy
  • Explore the ancient Egyptian perspective that a dream is a place — which means you can go there again when you learn Robert’s signature technique of dream reentry
  • Follow Celtic roads of enchantment into a waking dream on the border of Faerie, where you learn about singing the soul back home and how our dreams may give us maps to manifest our soul’s desires and reunite with our soul families

With Robert as your guide, follow in the footsteps of the trailblazing dreamers across cultures that have learned to enter other realities at will, scout the future, dialogue with the spirits, dream for others, and much more.

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In dreamwork pioneer Robert Moss’ hour-long event, Dream Medicine for Your Soul Ancient Shamanic Dreamwork Practices for Healing, Wisdom & Visiting Other Times and Other Worlds…

… you’ll discover how ancient shamanic dreamwork practices from multiple world traditions can uncover new paths for reclaiming lost parts of your soul, looking into your future, and rediscovering your purpose.

Hopefully, you can join the event as scheduled on Saturday, January 20 — but if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a recording soon after the event concludes. 



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