Self-healing w/ Native American Wisdom, Prayers & Clearing Techniques

Explore healing through the 7 Directions in Native American medicine
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Awaken your healing powers with the gifts of your Hočhóka

What if you had a compassionate team of wise advisors by your side — to guide you through life’s most challenging moments and illuminate even the darkest nights of the soul?
Lakota guide Brandy Tuttle affirms that through the power of prayer, guided visualizations, meditation, and transcendent storytelling, you can connect with your team of spirit guides who’ll help you facilitate remarkable levels of healing in every part of your life.
Join us for a brand-new event on Thursday, February 8, as Brandy, born into the Lakota culture, introduces you to your Hočhóka, which means “the place where ceremony happens”  — to help you do your part to heal humanity and shine your inner light.

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Explore healing through the 7 Directions in Native American medicine
In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:
  • A guided grounding exercise where you’ll go into the earth, feeling into life’s intricacies as you clear out the static of your analytical mind that keeps you from connecting with your highest Self, in the process, you’ll identify the energies that serve you, and those that don’t 
  • How you can call on the spirits in each of the directions for different kinds of guidance
  • How you can embrace your journey of self-discovery, claiming your personal power and realization along the way
  • The importance of self-healing and merging with Source — so you can transcend this physical world and stop relying on outside forces to facilitate your healing 
  • Ancestral clearing, and why your emotional and spiritual struggles must be transmuted so new generations don’t inherit it
When you use the gifts you’ve been given for the greater good, you’ll find that your own life’s polarities come into balance, forming a unified whole. From there, your higher Self can emerge. 
Your soul’s seed, having reached its full potential, can then blossom vibrantly — so you can share the fruits of your labor, life, and experiences.
Brandy is a powerful guide who can help you bridge ancient and modern worlds and make a real relationship with the Other Side a practical, daily reality.

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When you join master spiritual alchemist Brandy Tuttle for Awaken Your Healing Powers With the Gifts of Your Hočhóka, you’ll connect to your inner Hočhóka (a Lakota term for “the place where ceremony happens”)…
… awakening your healer within and integrating your mind, body, and spirit for personal healing, growth, and worldly contribution.
We hope you’ll join us as scheduled on Thursday, February 8. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a recording soon after the event concludes. Register now >>



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