Talk to Your Pet! Free Telepathic Communication Workshop w/ Penelope Smith

Talk to Your Pet! Free Telepathic Communication Workshop with Penelope Smith

Register to join a special Shift Network event on Tuesday, June 25, for a special event as Penelope shares how you can rediscover and further develop your natural telepathic communication skills with animals and other beings.

Penelope will also guide you through a meditation featuring shamanic drumming to the pattern of a heartbeat — to help you connect more deeply and widely with all the animals of Earth as you ground yourself and feel their consciousness.

Find Your Helping Spirits through Ceremonial Shamanic Journeying

ceremonial shamanic journeying with Sandra Ingerman

Renowned shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman will share the life-changing experience of developing a tangible connection with helping spirits in the worlds beyond ours, including how she can feel her guardian holding her hand as they sit on the warm earth and drink tea together.

Unlock the Secrets of Telepathic Communication w/ Your Animals (in 60 min) Event

Telepathic Communication With Your Animals: Learn Techniques

Discover the remarkable world of telepathic animal communication and forge a deeper connection with your beloved companions. Join Joan Ranquet, a renowned animal communicator, as she shares practical techniques to enhance your understanding and strengthen the trust between you and your furry friends. Harmonize the energy in your home and create a safe, nurturing space for your animal companions to thrive.