Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse of Love: Nordic Secret to Divine Connection

Discover the Path of the Nordic Mystic: Enter Into a Direct Connection to the Divine by Accessing the Pure Love in Your Heart
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Expand your capacity for love through an uncluttered connection to Source.

If you’re like many people who are striving to get closer to the all-loving power of the force you may call God, Source, or Spirit, you may be disillusioned by some of the dogma of our conventional religions that imply you’re not already whole… 

… especially after trying for a lifetime to become more spiritual, more enlightened, and better equipped to manifest your best life.

What if God wasn’t a figure outside yourself who casts judgments and punishment and rewards you when you’re “good” — like you may have been raised to believe… 

… but is simply the luminous pulse of unconditional love, REAL love, that lives in the center of your own being and fills you with a sense of delight and joy?

According to Danish-born spiritual mentor and author Anja Steensig, the mystical Nordic approach to spirituality is the simplest way she knows of connecting with the Divine

… because it strips away all the excess layers of what the modern mind has created God to represent, and eliminates the obstacles in the way of simply surrendering to the essence of love, the big love within your own heart. 

Join Anja in a free video event, where she’ll remind you of your true nature — of the love that you ARE — so you may enter into more loving relationships with the Divine, yourself, and others, and become an imprint of love in the world.

This is the Nordic path, in which there’s no spiritual hierarchy, ideas, thought systems, or religious tenets that impose commands about who you should be and how you’re supposed to live. 

It’s a path into the truth that you and everything around you are infused with and radiate God’s essence.

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Discover the Path of the Nordic Mystic: Enter Into a Direct Connection to the Divine by Accessing the Pure Love in Your Heart

During this heart-opening hour-long session with a true mystic, you’ll:

  • Better understand the true nature of love and how stripping away any excess layers brings you closer to Source
  • Be guided through a meditation to truly experience the power of your all-loving soul, enabling you to grasp your immense capacity for love, strength, and fearlessness
  • Realize the importance of integrating the feminine and masculine aspects of love so you can be held in its fullness and cultivate balanced relationships with yourself and others 
  • Let go of the misconception that love is soft, submissive, and sweet, so you can give yourself permission to rise above your eagerness to please and become a truly loving person
  • Learn that when you make room for and express your justified anger — what Anja calls your “sacred wrath” — you can experience profound healing

This event will help you feel empowered — knowing that you don’t have to search and seek outside yourself because you’re already everything you need to be an incredible resource of love and wisdom — with compassion for yourself and others, and the understanding that we’re all the same. 

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