Unveil Your Divine Feminine Power – Embark on a 9-month of Sacred Initiations

Unveil Your Divine Feminine Power: Join the Path of the Magdalene for Healing, Rebirth, and Sacred Initiations
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Join the Path of the Magdalene for Healing, Rebirth.

What if you could release everything that’s preventing you from experiencing the most sacred expression of who you are? 

How would life be different if you could strip away the blocks holding you back, revealing who you’re truly meant to become?

Find out when you join us for an extraordinary event (recording available now), featuring an empowering descent ritual led by a wide variety of priestesses:
  • Devaa Haley Mitchell, Shift Network co-founder
  • Elayne Kalila Doughty, founder of Priestess Presence Temple
  • Achintya Devi, founder of the Goddess Rising Mystery School
  • Diana Dubrow, Scent Priestess of The Emerald Temple
  • Dr. Nicola Amadora, spiritual teacher, women’s leader, and psychologist
  • Dr. Marie Mbouni, trauma-informed ceremonies and integration facilitator, and spiritual guide
  • Collette Corcoran, founder of The Sacred Rose Temple

Together, these celebrated teachers, healers, and guides will co-create a powerful ritual that allows you to reweave the ancient Mary Magdalene into your modern life as your sister and guide.

You’ll follow the Magdalene on a downward journey in which she’ll remove her crown, then her breastplate that protects her heart, then her staff of power, then her belt that hides her sacred sexuality, and much more — until she’s completely unadorned…
When this ritual of descent concludes, you will also be left with only what matters to you, what you truly stand for — and how you’ll ultimately be transformed as you rise up into your feminine fullness, radiance, and divine humanity.
During this free online event, you’ll also:
  • Learn how to work with Mary Magdalene using an archetypal lens, utilizing her as a conduit to embody various facets of the Divine Feminine within yourself
  • Understand the centrality of the Descent archetype for feminine transformation, from the myth of Inanna to Mary Magdalene’s own journey
  • Experience a transformative removing-of-the-crown ritual, expanding your ability to release parts of yourself that feel superior to others… so you can cultivate genuine humility
  • Begin cultivating the resilience of your heart to see and alchemize the wounds of separation

You’ll also receive special messages from luminaries including Dr. Sue Morter, Eileen McKusick, Miranda Macpherson, Aja Solé Shah, and more.

Join us and follow the path of Mary Magdalene as you open yourself to a uniquely feminine path of initiation, healing, and liberation — sourced in hidden traditions, consecrated to divine embodiment, and grounded in the reclamation of sacred healing arts.

During the event, you’ll also hear details about a unique opportunity to embark on a 9-month immersive program — an initiatory descent into the energies, potentials, and gifts of the Divine Feminine, led by a world-renowned roster of teachers, each possessing different areas of expertise on the path of the Magdalene.

In a brand-new 90-minute event, Healing With the Magdalene: A Ritual Release of Heaviness, Trauma & Energetic Blockages Through the Power of the Sacred Feminine

… you’ll also learn about a brand new Path of the Magdalenes program in 2024 that’s designed to empower you in a uniquely feminine path of initiation, healing, and liberation.

This path is sourced in hidden traditions, consecrated to divine embodiment, and grounded in the reclamation of sacred healing arts.



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