Attain the Strength, Grace & Agility of Animals with 5-Animal Qigong

Attain the strength, grace & agility of animals with 5-Animal Qigong
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Have you ever noticed how animals stay agile and active as they age? What if we could learn their secrets?

Animals intuitively understand when to rest and when to play. And when they’re hungry, they skillfully hunt for food, says Daisy Lee, founder and principal teacher of Radiant Lotus Qigong.

Register to join Daisy on Tuesday, March 12 for a special event with the Shift Network as she shares how the wisdom and wellbeing of animals first inspired China’s renowned master physician Hua Tuo to create the joyful practice of 5-Animal Qigong 1,800 years ago.

>> RSVP here: Rewild Your Senses Through the Practice of “5-Animal” Qigong: Embody the Virtues of Specific Animals Through Movement.

Attain the strength, grace & agility of animals with 5-Animal Qigong

You’ll have the chance to explore how the movements of 5-Animal Qigong emulate animals’ natural agile movements and easy grace. 

It’s an uplifting path to rewild your senses — reconnecting with your most natural state and returning to the wisdom of the animals. Along the way, you’ll cultivate vibrant physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

In this workshop, you’ll explore:

  • The origins of this playful, joyful 5-Animal Qigong, and why it has lasted through the centuries

  • A guided Qigong form inspired by the tiger that helps you learn how to conserve energy while still being playful, noble, and aligned with the timing of the spring equinox

  • How the inner and outer qualities of the animals can strengthen your body and brain, and balance your emotions

  • How to build your own inner and outer qualities as learned from the animals — including action and restorative rest, strength and flexibility, and a clear and vibrant mind

  • How to cultivate the animals’ natural practices in your daily life, including intuition, rest, action, movement, and natural nutrition

As you connect with the energy of the animals, you’ll retrieve the treasures of the past — a more grounded, centered, and far less complex way of engaging with life in a world inundated by social, global, and technological stressors.

When you join us, you’ll also learn about Daisy’s new live 7-week video course where she’ll guide you through the 5-Animal Qigong form in its entirety, just as she learned it from her lineage teacher, Master Wang San Hua, in Bo Zhou, China.

>> I hope you’ll join us! Register here <<

When you attend celebrated Qigong teacher Daisy Lee’s new online event, Rewild Your Senses Through the Practice of 5-Animal Qigong, you’ll learn a new movement inspired by the Tiger. 

I hope you’ll join us as scheduled on Tuesday, March 12. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a recording soon after the event concludes. Register here



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