Combine Power of Your Chakras & Vagus Nerve to Heal Trauma

Tap into the combined power of your chakras & vagus nerve to heal trauma
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Discover How to Connect your soul’s desire with your 7 chakras & vagus nerve.

Have you ever wondered what your soul wanted to experience when it decided to have a human life on this earthly plane?

Whether to enjoy the embodied pleasures of a worldly existence or pursue the spiritual fulfillment of purpose and love, your soul wants to take the wheel and live out a meaningful and delightful journey.

As you travel through your life, however, you inevitably encounter traumatic experiences, and the resulting pain and fear become imprinted in your nervous system. Your nervous system then sends you all kinds of warning signals that may stop you from moving forward to manifest your soul’s desires.

How do you manage this conflict— the conundrum of living out the tension between your human and spiritual being-ness? How do you heal this fracture so you can fulfill your soul’s quest? 

Trauma therapist and author C.J. Llewelyn, M.Ed., LPC, specializes in guiding people through this process, asserting that navigating the tension between the soul’s desires and the body’s innate drive for self-preservation is at the core of the human condition.

In this illuminating free online event on Thursday, March 7, C.J. will reveal the intricate connection between your vagus nerve and your seven main chakras — and how, when they’re optimized and working together, they can be a source of profound psychological and spiritual healing.

From C.J.’s groundbreaking perspective, your chakras hold the etheric energy of your soul, while your vagus nerve — the largest part of your autonomic nervous system — keeps you safe.

What C.J. teaches is a one-of-a-kind approach and a paradigm shift that will transform how you interact with your world.

She can show you how to reconcile the passions of your soul (expressed through your chakras) with the fear of your humanity (expressed through your vagus nerve) by weaving the two together so you can live into your fullest potential and highest purpose.

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Combined power of your chakras & vagus nerve to heal trauma

In this fascinating workshop, you’ll:

  • Discover the duality between what your soul wants to experience as a human being, and how your body  is holding you back from living your soul’s desires because it wants to protect you from danger
  • Be guided in a 7 chakra/vagus nerve visualization to access your own soul messaging as you begin to regulate your vagus nerve
  • Understand how, when you experience trauma, the residue becomes imprinted into your vagus nerve, which can take you off your soul’s course
  • Learn why calming your nervous system and releasing your body’s fears enables your soul to have the fullest experience possible — by weaving together the functionality of your vagus nerve and your chakras
  • Explore yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience — and understand that your soul came into your body to know what it’s like to live in this world

C.J. will explain exactly how your traumatic experiences are stored in your vagus nerve and the ways they influence your perceptions of the world — because your nervous system is built to override the pull of your wiser soul energy when a threat is perceived.

When you actively engage in the practice of calming your nervous system by identifying and navigating signals from your vagus nerve, C.J. explains that you are reprogramming your neural wiring so it doesn’t trigger unnecessary fight/flight/freeze responses.

And, as you move toward a state of sustainable inner peace, your trauma begins to heal and the soul energy of your chakras can start to drive your choices.

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