Chakradance: Archetypal Healing Dance Practice – Jungian approach

learn how Chakradance, a powerful fusion of spontaneous dance, energizing chakra music, and immersive visualizations, can help you shift from pain to hope and possibility

Natalie says that Chakradance is a “joyful affirmation of who you truly are,” activating the primal part of you. It invites gentle healing by allowing buried emotions and traumas to slowly surface — layer by layer — through the loving wisdom and awareness of the body.

Experience a guided dance practice to free your blocks & experience joy

Discover Sacred Dance for Personal & Collective Freedom Transform Trauma, Open to the Divine & Embody Love as the Ultimate Revolutionary Act

Banafsheh will share how dance can reconnect us and teach us how to hold the joys and sorrows of life in a strong, compassionate, and wide-open heart, empowering the love and goodness that connects us all as we ground ourselves in the joy of being alive.

During the event, you’ll experience this ecstatic connection for yourself during a guided dance practice that harnesses the power of presence and your body’s ability to track and free blocks… and unleash the joy that is buried beneath the stress, tension, and trauma of modern living.