How the Enneagram Can Help Cultivate Compassionate Communication

See how the Gifts of the 9 Enneagram types inspire authentic connections
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Gain awareness of how your communication habits impact your relationships.

Do you feel like you expend a lot of energy trying to present yourself to people the way you’d like them to see you, instead of being who you really are? 

Wouldn’t your life be easier, more relaxed, and in flow if you could be true to yourself and real with others, by letting go of the image you’re hoping to convey…

… and, instead, engage with people from a place of honesty and presence?

According to renowned Enneagram teachers Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb, the Enneagram is a powerful tool that, when understood at its deepest level, can help you be truly present and engage with people (and your life) in an authentic way…

… and establish communication that’s conscious, responsive (rather than reactive), and profoundly loving and compassionate.

On Saturday, November 11, join Russ and Jessica for an illuminating hour-long event in which they’ll introduce you to the communication styles of the Enneagram types — those that evoke love and those that hinder it — so you can begin to expand your abilities to relate openly with others.

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See how the Gifts of the 9 Enneagram types inspire authentic connections

In this transformative online event, you’ll:

  • Learn how the Enneagram can help you expand your capacity for authentic and compassionate communication
  • Be guided through an inner journey to understand how to embody the gifts of each of the 3 Centers — body, heart, and head — to create authentic communication with others
  • Gain greater awareness of some of your communication habits and how they may be helping or hindering your sense of wholeness and effectiveness in relating to others
  • Find key ingredients held in each of the 9 types — which you can use to invite your personal and professional connections to bring their most authentic selves — so you can improve your relationships 
  • Experience what it might be like to live with more peace of mind knowing that you’re communicating in an understanding and compassionate way with your loved ones

Jessica and Russ will focus more broadly on the challenges and gifts of each of the three Centers as they guide you in a centering practice and inner journey — using sensation, breath, and awareness to experience ways to harness the gifts of each to cultivate creative communication.

The Enneagram, Russ and Jessica say, can help you move out of the box of your own idealized self-perception, so you can communicate more effectively and, thereby, better navigate your relationships and manage the challenges of your daily life and the world around you.

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In The Enneagram & Conscious Communication: How the Gifts of the 9 Types Inspire Authentic Connections with Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb…

… you’ll discover the communication gifts and challenges of the 9 Enneagram types, as well as the body, heart, and head Centers, and embark on a path of fully authentic communication — so you can free your energy… respond to others with love, awareness, and wholeness… and cultivate better relationships.



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