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Few people know the benefit of this. But it’s something I’ve started doing…

“John Assaraf combines neuroscience, quantum science, and human psychology…

with business and money tools which no one has ever done before,

to get results no one has ever seen before.”

~ Matt in Colombia

And it’s literally changed everything… If you want to learn more, reserve your spot right now for Saturday’s event. If you want to radically improve your life in the next 90 days, this is a MUST-DO…

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After working with over 100,000 everyday people, brain expert John Assaraf has discovered there are 3 “secrets” to achieving any goal faster – with a lot less stress.

Want the secrets?

These secrets revealed inside of his new Ebook:

“Think And Become Rich – How To Use Proven Brain Science and the Law of Attraction To Build Massive Wealth At Any Age.”

Think and Become Rich ebook download

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John is a world-renowned brain & success expert whose books and programs have helped 100,000 people around the world to create extraordinary lives.

He knows how to help you turn a challenge, failure, or any limiting belief or fear into one of your greatest gifts.

Inside his new book “Think And Become Rich” (which is FREE I might add)

You’ll also discover:

  • A powerful 3-step formula for achieving your financial goals faster and easier…

  • What you must do first (if you want to really supercharge your results)…

  • How to retrain the brain for a LIMITLESS life…

  • Simple techniques to make the Law of Attraction work for YOU and instantly experience feelings of confidence and peace of mind…

  • The shocking and inspiring story of the $100M check John wrote HIMSELF (and how it led to his biggest breakthroughs)…

  • The biggest LIES you’ve been told about money…

  • And much, much more.

Benjamin Franklin said something that has always stayed with me…

“By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.”

If you want help making a

fool-proof plan

to achieve your goals and dreams this year

I’m happy to share this with you. 

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut? 

Maybe Covid has hurt your motivation or business?

The good news…

(Yes, this is good news – very good news in fact)

You only need 1 thing to succeed in life and business. 

No, it’s not luck 

No, it’s not a fancy degree…

>>> It’s a proven blueprint.

Now of course this blueprint has multiple parts…

But once you have the blueprint in your hands, it doesn’t matter if you are stuck, bored, or just want to reach the next level… you can get what you want faster and easier. 

Got limiting beliefs? Here’s a free download…

If you want the confidence to finally move forward and get unstuck…

So you can build a Million Dollar Income & Dream Life this year…

millionaire mindset ebook free download

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Inside this book, you’ll get 3 keys to release your limiting beliefs, build unstoppable confidence, and attract millions of dollars this year.

…Even if everything you’ve tried before has failed!

This “Done for You” blueprint…

  • Removes the stress and fear of doing it all on your own

  • Guides you step by step to achieve your goals and dreams

  • Empowers you with the brain secrets used by billionaires and top entrepreneurs, like “How to Push the Dopamine Button” to get anyone to say “YES!” to you

And here’s why it matters:

John Assaraf and 5 other top experts are sharing our blueprint for success at the

Event: The Secrets to Unlocking Your Brain’s Hidden Power(Brain-A-Thon) Saturday @ 9am.

With this blueprint, John went from being a lazy entrepreneur… 

…to earning $14.7 Million in a single year. He has since written 2 New York Times best sellers, and has helped over 100,000 people around the world to break free from their limiting beliefs around money.

 And I think my track record speaks for itself at this point.    🙂

1 day only. All backed by the latest proven brain science.

So take Benjamin Franklin’s advice. 

During this 1 Day Event, you’ll acquire the kind of high-level training you need to become irreplaceable in your field & “automatic”* at work, at home, in social situations, literally everywhere you go. 

*Scientists call this “Automaticity” and it boils down to your ability to use specific neural activity patterns to automatically attract more wealth & success. 

What do neuroscientists know about your finances? 

Surprisingly, a lot. There are belief patterns that ATTRACT wealth, and others that repel it. 

If you’ve fallen victim to the 11 Money Mindset Myths, you may be repelling it. 

There’s no one I trust more on this kind of high-level mindset training than my brain coach, John Assaraf. 

(Yes, I have a brain coach. And here’s why you should, too…)

John shows you step by step how to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN… so you can automatically attract more wealth and success… & avoid these Money Mindset disasters.

make more money by training your brain

>> Grab your seat for his upcoming FREE online event now before it’s too late. 

If you’ve ever seen him in the movie The Secret or Larry King Live or the Tom Bilyeu podcast, you know he delivers breakthrough after breakthrough.


  • How to “flip on your success switch” (what scientists call your Neuroplasticity Switch) to turn your brain into your SUPERPOWER

  • Fast tips for removing the “invisible enemies” that you may not know that you have (but are holding you back)

  • How to use this superpower to improve your income, destroy limiting beliefs, boost your confidence, & start living life on your terms

  • The hidden brain tricks you can leverage to become Automatic (aka a Master of Automaticity) and get 3-5X more done in half the time… this has been huge for me & my business

  • How to push the “Dopamine Button” to get people ethically hooked on you, your message, your product, anything you want to make an impact with (this one is huge)


Unlock Your Brain for Success - all new breakthroughs in neuroscience

Over the past seven years, well over 1,000,000 people have flocked to this amazing live online training event to discover the latest, cutting edge research on how to eliminate limiting beliefs and habits. How to recognize and squash subconscious fears and how to upgrade your self image and self worth so you take more inspired action.

Here’s why you should attend:

The world’s top brain science and success experts have found a series of “invisible processes” that happen in the human brain that either lead you toward success in life… or hold you back from getting where you want.

 You’ll discover how to:

  1. Tap into your subconscious mind so you can rewire it for greater success

  2. Unlock the genius potential within you

But thanks to their latest findings, we now know exactly how to… Unlock Your Brain For Success!

John and his team of experts are going to help you remove all these mental and emotional obstacles that are standing in your way of success. And you’ll learn how you can change your brain and your life and start earning the kind of income you’re truly capable of.

All you have to do is show up and you’ll learn how the latest brain science can help you get over your limiting beliefs and any other mindset or emotional obstacle that may be holding you back from earning more money and living the life of your dreams.

This live event only takes place live once a year.

If you’ve ever felt like you were capable of more in life but felt like something was holding you back… then The All New Annual Live Brain-A-Thon might be the event that changes everything for you.


“The BAT reignited my optimism and reminded me that I have a boat 

load of techniques and resources I can access at any time. I was also

reminded of the value of this community.”

– Karin W.

“The brain A thon was the best in 3 years John!!! Congratulations 

and thank you for the amazing guests and the amazing content!!”

– Katerina S.

“The Brainathon is a door to enter the room of self development. Thank you to John and the experts! I’m COMMITTED to breaking free!”

– Imran K.


You can also save 90% OFF Winning the Game of Money right now!

AND you can take a full 30 days to try these powerful Brain Training and Coaching programs (risk free) before you decide if you want to keep it?

That means, you will:

  • Use the brain training Innercises™ and amazing video trainings and feel the positive changes happening within you (These are so powerful)

  • Change your subconscious money story so you feel and act empowered

  • Get access to 6 Months of Live VIP Coaching with John Assaraf and Top Experts where you can ask questions, get real-time feedback, & customized solutions to solve any challenge

  • Train your mindset and skill set to work in harmony so you naturally boost your confidence, eliminate procrastination, & turn your fears into fuel for success

  • Explore over 25 life-altering Master Classes in the Million Dollar Success Library and share your progress in our private online community

And then, decide if you want to keep it. 

>>> Try It Out Now (risk free) 

That is how confident I am you will love it.  

And since you attended Brain-A-Thon, you save THOUSANDS of dollars off the retail price.

character traits of the person capable of achieving your goals

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– Brain Training & Coaching Program
& become one’s capable to achieve your own goals

Here are Winning the Game of Money Testimonials:

“I was working a toxic job, not making the income I wanted, and frustrated because I knew I could do better. But in less than a month after joining Winning the Game of Money, my new business DOUBLED (2X!!!) in revenue… which replaced my job completely. And changed my life forever!” ~ Alisha Barnes


“I went from cleaning MILK ROOMS in supermarkets, and making only a dollar a day in Columbia… to now making $7,500+/month with my e-commerce business. I feel on top of the world and grateful because I can give back and help my parents. Thanks John!” ~ K. Burgos

My income TRIPLED within only 7 weeks of joining Winning the Game of Money. Stop thinking. Just buy it.” ~ K. Burgos

“After joining WTGM, I became the CEO of my own million-dollar business. I never would have gotten this far without NeuroGym and you, John!” ~ Brenda Vansalisbury

“As a divorced single mom with a baby daughter… trapped in a 9 to 5 job I hated, I felt like the weight of the entire world was upon me. But since discovering Brain-A-Thon eight years ago, I have finally been able to unlock the life of my dreams by releasing my fears and limiting beliefs. And I feel so blessed because it changed my daughter’s life and mine.” ~ K. Richae

“After joining the program, I went from making only $30K… to making $300K A YEAR! I even bought my dream land near Lake Tahoe. Honestly it’s like I’d suddenly compressed decades of progress… into years! Amazing John!!!” ~ A. Rivera


“My husband told me I could start my own business over HIS DEAD BODY. After joining the program, I started and built my own $1,000,000+ business. And now my husband works for me. On Monday, I’m on my boat. Tuesday I’m on the beach. Wednesday I’m on my bike. All while my husband and team run the business. You made it all possible, John.” ~ Brenda V.


“I was trapped in a 9 to 5 job I hated. It was like the weight of the entire world was upon me. After Brain-A-Thon, I have unlocked the life of my dreams by releasing my fears and limiting beliefs. And I feel so blessed because it changed my daughter’s life, and mine.” ~ K. Richae


winning the game of business brain-a-thon testimonials



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