Reprogramming Your Brain to Dramatically Transform Your Health

Reprogramming your brain to dramatically transform your health
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Create new neural pathways to improve your health & relationships.

Are you seeking solutions for persistent health challenges?

Maybe you’ve tried meditation or alternative methods for healing, but nothing seems to work.

You have the power to truly change your life when you change your thoughts, says Brandy Gillmoremind-body-energy expert.

The question is, how, exactly, do you make this happen? It’s not as easy as just “thinking differently,” Brandy says, and popular practices like meditation just aren’t enough.

Join Brandy on Tuesday, March 5 for a brand-new hour-long event as she explores how repatterning the way your mind responds to emotional connections, energy, and the relationships in your life can unlock your body’s self-healing ability.

>> Register here: How to Reprogram Your Brain for Healing: Transforming Negative Thought Patterns Into New Neural Pathways to Improve Your Health & Relationships <<

Reprogramming your brain to dramatically transform your health

Brandy will guide you through a powerful visualization practice to reveal how underlying emotional hurt — for example, negativity you may be experiencing in a relationship — can impact your energy right on the spot, while positive emotions also have immediate physical impacts.

In this hour-long, free online event, you’ll explore:

  • guided visualization “awareness” practice to experience first-hand how negative emotions can instantly impact your energy — and how positive emotions have immediate physical impacts, too
  • The surprisingly counterintuitive role of love and self-love in your healing process (or in illness and injuries)
  • What Brandy learned from the breakthrough discovery that people with multiple personalities can have different ailments when they are in different personalities — providing fascinating insights into the connection between energy and emotions, and how you can create a radical shift in your health
  • Misconceptions about energy healing that are keeping you stuck — including the myth that practices such as meditation and theta state relaxation can change your mind’s programming (they actually can’t, says Brandy)
  • How Sigmund Freud’s work on repetition compulsion illustrates how your emotional patterns can repeat themselves — and how you can change your patterned ways of thinking and feeling

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to heal but have been unable to achieve true healing, or if you’ve made progress but haven’t yet made a full recovery, then I encourage you to come to this transformative event with Brandy.

>> RSVP right here to watch live event or/and get recording later >>

Create new neural pathways to improve your health and relationships.

When you join us for How to Reprogram Your Brain for Healing with Brandy Gillmoremind-body-energy expert, you’ll gain clarity on how to achieve radical healing results.

I hope you’ll join the event as scheduled on Tuesday, March 5. But if you register for the event and miss it, you’ll receive a recording soon after the event concludes.



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