See How to Become a Professional Medical Intuitive

Discover how to become a professional medical intuitive.
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Learn from healing experts in the field of intuitive medicine.

As a committed, dedicated student of the healing arts — whether you’re a seasoned therapeutic medical professional or a holistic energy healer — you may be asking yourself if expanding your toolkit to include medical intuition might be the next logical step in your evolving practice.

Medical intuition skills can — and do — benefit people who are engaged in a wide variety of healing practices across a broad spectrum of Western and Eastern modalities…

…such as energy workers, Reiki masters, mediums, and traditional medical professionals who’ve earned their advanced-level degrees studying more conventional Western medicine allopathic practices.

Many therapists, doctors, nurses, clinicians, holistic health coaches/teachers, and those looking to explore a rewarding career at the leading edge of the healthcare revolution, backed by exciting new science, are already enthusiastically exploring this new frontier, while facilitating profound healing experiences for their clients.

The Medical Intuition Summit will illuminate new avenues of healing and tools for addressing chronic illness. You’ll explore powerful ways to work with your clients and patients… 

… magnifying the healing power of intuitive medicine through daily meditative routines, Eastern and Western medicinal tools, and proven energy healing techniques.

I’m beyond thrilled to invite you to the Medical Intuition Summit! You’ll discover how to help your clients reconnect with their body’s inner wisdom — and how to leverage this skill to promote optimal health and healing throughout your community.

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September 23-24

Discover how to become a professional medical intuitive.

Join this weekend’s sought-after intuitive healers, doctors, and researchers — including Penney Peirce, a respected clairvoyant empath and an early pioneer in the intuition development movement…

… groundbreaking neuroscience researcher Dawson Church, PhD… Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive, mystic, ceremonialist, and healer Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest 

… and Thornton Streeter, the founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences and the Energy Medicine Exchange who’s spent 30 years researching the human biofield.

They’ll share illuminating conversations about medical intuition, and offer practical exercises and techniques that can help you strengthen this inner connection.

Both novice and experienced medical practitioners can learn to apply divination, intuition, and psychic skills on behalf of clients and patients to address persistent illness.

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This free 2-day summit comes at the perfect time, as individually and collectively we’re looking for holistic ways to stay healthy and keep active.

During this groundbreaking event, you’ll discover:

  • How intuition can serve as a third-eye assistant, helping to decode and diagnose root causes of autoimmune diseases
  • Trusted methods to identify the spiritual basis of mystery illnesses that evade traditional diagnosis
  • Ways to expand your practitioner’s toolbox so you can holistically support your clients and students
  • How sadness, grief, or guilt can create a heavy heart and affect your emotional/physical wellbeing and trigger illness
  • An awareness of internal signals that can open new pathways to learning about specific illnesses or life struggles
  • How thoughts, beliefs, and emotions influence health — and practices to bring the body back into alignment emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically
  • The Biofield Viewer, an extremely subtle energy imaging system allowing healers to investigate, monitor, and improve their treatment protocols
  • How to combine contemporary science and medicine with spiritual understanding to maximize practical applications for healing and wellness
  • Ways to deepen your diagnostic awareness to address various subtle energies that can affect health such as emotional or psychic stressors, and Wi-Fi
  • And much more…

In this groundbreaking summit hosted by The Shift Network, you’ll receive inspiring yet practical insights into how to leverage your own inner wisdom to support the natural healing processes of those you serve. 

You’ll converge with well-respected physicians, educators, medical intuitives, lightworkers, health practitioners, and energy healers — plus knowledge-seekers like you from around the globe. 

Attending the Medical Intuition Summit will help you gain confidence that you do have the power to positively impact healing outcomes for your clients and patients through use of medical intuition techniques…

… and that you can use this knowledge to address persistent symptoms, chronic conditions, and even the spiritual root causes of disease.

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Our intuitive medicine experts will guide you through a variety of experiences, including…

  • Penney Peirce will introduce you to an exercise involving the “diamond light body,” guiding you to reconnect with your essence and make conscious choices for holistic wellbeing.
  • Francesca McCartney, PhD, will discuss adding medical intuition as an adjunct skillset to your professional healthcare practice — and how to use it to identify and diagnose mysterious illnesses.
  • Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest will share the definition of medical intuition and explain how you can use it on your own healing journey.
  • Dawson Church, PhD, will discuss Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and its effectiveness in reducing stress, anxiety, and trauma while enhancing overall health and wellbeing.
  • Dondi Dahlin will discuss how you can learn to monitor what’s happening physically and emotionally to your energy system, and how it can be a game-changer.
  • Jaime Tanna will demonstrate how to quiet the mind through breathwork so you can hear the voice underneath the noise and become aware of your soul’s larger purpose.
  • Beverly Rubik, PhD, will demystify laboratory research revealing insights about the biofield’s connection to vitality, consciousness, and intuition.
  • Thornton Streeter will share how medical intuition bridges the two sciences of precision-guided healing and etheric surgery to deliver sustainable healthcare.
  • Lloyd Burrell will reveal the measurable impact of EMFs on our biology and how sound can be harnessed to counteract these effects and enhance emotional wellbeing.
  • And much more…

>> RSVP here for the Medical Intuition Summit — at no charge <<



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