Use Quantum Intention Making Techniques to Manifest Your Desires

Learn Quantum Intention Making to manifest your desires
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Explore the nexus of quantum science & consciousness to live a purposeful life.

Ever wonder why manifesting what you truly desire feels effortless sometimes, while other times it seems nearly impossible?

According to Amit Goswami, PhD, a quantum physicist and pioneer in the science of consciousness, the solution to manifesting with consistency lies at the intersection of science and spirituality.

>> Join us on Tuesday, November 21, for Dr. Goswami’s hour-long event, Explore Quantum Science & Consciousness: How Scientific & Spiritual Principles Align for You to Create a Magnificent Life <<

Learn Quantum Intention Making to manifest your desires

In this free event, you’ll learn Dr. Goswami’s powerful Quantum Intention Making process — his proprietary, 3-step process that uses inspiration, intention, and intuition to manifest more effectively.

Dr. Goswami will share how quantum physics presents a way to connect the core principles of science with spiritual wisdom for a holistic understanding of our inner nature

When you’re able to harmonize your rational mind with your innate intuitive abilities, your capacity to consciously create your life becomes much easier

You’re able to make decisions with ease, stop second-guessing yourself, and follow your life’s path with more confidence and joy.

You’ll also learn how each of us comes into life programmed with certain energetic archetypes, such as love, truth, beauty, justice, and goodness. Dr. Goswami refers to these as dharma archetypes.

He’ll illustrate how you can embrace silence to activate the Attractor Principle, so you can develop and draw on these archetypes within you — to reprogram your emotional responses and take back emotional control.

In this illuminating free event, you’ll:

  • Explore how science and spirituality can coexist — and provide you with a cohesive worldview
  • Engage in transformative exercises that emphasize the importance of intuition and bodily feelings
  • Understand the role of the “Seven I’s” process for fostering your creativity and innovation
  • Dive into the mechanics of how you can use archetypes to increase your options in life
  • Understand the broader purpose of your existence (dharma) and how you can leverage quantum principles to enhance positivity and wellbeing

Join Amit to not only gain an understanding of these principles, but also deeply feel them — imbuing yourself with a renewed sense of empowerment and the tools you need to navigate your life with a clearer sense of purpose, positivity, authenticity, power, and courage

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In Explore Quantum Science & Consciousness: How Scientific & Spiritual Principles Align for You to Create a Magnificent Life with quantum physicist and science of consciousness pioneer Dr. Amit Goswami

… you’ll experience for yourself a revolutionary path of awakening your consciousness through the synergy of quantum science and spirituality and learn a step-by-step, repeatable manifestation process to craft your most empowered, authentic, and intentional life.



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