Somatic Psychology for Alleviating Anxiety, Resolving Trauma & Restoring Wholeness

Cultivate body-centric methods for alleviating anxiety, resolving trauma & restoring wholeness by joining Somatic Psychology Summit Starting November 30, 2023
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Explore the potent combination of body-centric methods with classical psychotherapy.

Would you love to be liberated from deeply ingrained fight-or-flight reactions or routine triggers…

… while simultaneously acquiring effective tools to help your clients overcome persistent emotional distress and lingering trauma?

In the continually changing realm of mental health, the integration of somatic movement, traditional cognitive trauma therapy, and mindfulness emerges as a guiding light for profound healing. 

This innovative, blended approach is becoming a foundational element for trailblazers in the trauma field, encompassing psychologists, therapists, social workers, and other mental health professionals.

The Somatic Psychology Summit invites you to explore these expanding avenues of connecting to the body’s innate intelligence as a pathway to greater mental resilience, physical flexibility, and spiritual vitality — for you and your clients. 

You can think of the field of somatic psychology as an amalgam of deeply felt, self-aware movements integrated with cognitive therapy, meditation, and bodywork…

… empowering you to share insights and expertise that can help your clients heal and become whole after loss, grief, or trauma. 

Of course, as a healer, you must first live the somatic experience yourself, tapping into your own innate embodied intelligence for nervous system regulation before you can safely and effectively guide clients through therapeutic processes. 

During this summit, you’ll gain access to powerful techniques for internalizing your own somatic skills as you learn to dissolve blockages — for you and your clients — that can have huge long-term negative effects on health.

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Somatic Psychology Summit
November 30 – December 1

Cultivate body-centric methods for alleviating anxiety, resolving trauma & restoring wholeness by joining Somatic Psychology Summit Starting November 30, 2023

I’m honored to be among some of today’s most highly sought-after somatic psychology experts and teachers — including Dr. Martha Eddy, Staci K. Haines, Joshua Sylvae, PhD, Amy Weintraub, Susan Aposhyan, Maci Daye, Mukara Meredith, Rob Fisher, Christine Caldwell, PhD, Dr. Ilene Naomi Rusk, Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold, and more.

We’ll be guiding you through simple somatic psychology practices to move you beyond stuck energy into easeful states infused with vitality and relaxed alertness

Somatic therapy is presented as a dynamic practice involving the restoration of fragmented or wounded parts, trauma release, and consciousness shifts. The incorporation of art and movement into therapy is highlighted as a means to update skills, providing practitioners like you with a broader and more effective toolkit.

During this profound 2-day event, you’ll discover:

  • You can heal trauma and come home to your embodied, authentic self by addressing the 3 most important factors that are held in the body
  • How to stay grounded and connected to your own innate somatic intelligence while working with clients as a trauma therapist
  • Somatic interventions like interoception, polyvagal theory, and nervous system regulation can benefit those with chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s
  • Tapping into oscillation — micro-movements throughout the body’s cells and systems — can support subtle but profound support for self-regulation and self-soothing
  • And much more…

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Our somatic psychology experts will guide you through effective modalities to share with your clients: 

  • Dr. Martha Eddy will explain how movement therapy affects trauma work in somatic psychotherapy.
  • Staci K. Haines will discuss how somatics can bring transformative capacity to social and climate justice movements, and help heal the impacts of trauma and oppression.
  • Joshua Sylvae, PhD, will look at treating trauma and distress by incorporating body awareness and sensorimotor processing.
  • Amy Weintraub will demonstrate simple yoga-based interventions that can calm your mind, lift your mood, and open you to self-compassion. 
  • Susan Aposhyan will guide you in two key practices — one for your own embodied experience, and a second to enhance your felt sense of our global interconnectedness.
  • Maci Daye will look at three typical “trance” states that diminish desire, creativity, and arousal, then show how somatic psychology can help you cultivate conditions that optimize sexual pleasure and creative expression.
  • Mukara Meredith will demonstrate Hakomi therapy, a somatic-based approach designed to aid in psychological development by helping the body — through consensual touch — release ​internalized unconscious beliefs and thought patterns.  
  • Rob Fisher will share how mindfulness is a powerful tool in couples counseling, enabling you to notice and transform unconscious systems that erode connection. 
  • Christine Caldwell, PhD, will dive into the complexities and curiosities of a movement-centered approach to personal wellbeing and social action. 
  • Dr. Ilene Naomi Rusk will discuss how embodied skills can help patients who have chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s work with their symptoms.
  • Gisele Fernandes-Osterhold will offer an overview of somatic principles and practices in psychedelic therapy, and a deeper understanding of the multidimensionality of trauma.
  • And much more!

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