Here’s How to Help Others Heal by Awakening Your Innate Medical Intuition

how to help others heal by awakening your innate medical intuition

Healing begins at the energetic, nonphysical level — the right tools can unlock your healing power and help you release stuck energy and liberate those around you from their deep-seated pain.

Tina will illuminate what it means to be a medical intuitive — and provide guidance on how to perceive energy fields, life patterns, and the origins of one to three health struggles.

Join Guided Energy Medicine Exercise to tap into Your Miracle Body & “God Spot”

Experience Radiant Kundalini and the Absolute Scalar Waves to connect to all parts of yourself and all the goodness in the world

In What If You Could Repeat Healing Miracles on Demand?: How Energy Healing Through the Divine Pathway Can Reconnect You to the Transformative Power of Your Soul with preeminent intuitive healer Cyndi Dale…

… you’ll experience powerful energy medicine techniques to tap into the Divine Pathway, an energetic field of grace and love, where you can release blocks and start actively creating profound positive shifts in your life.

New Science Behind Healing Your Mind, Body, Spirit… and Biofield

This is a rare opportunity to not only understand the future of holistic healing from an intellectual perspective, but also from an experiential embodied place. Guided by leaders from around the globe, you’ll be able to integrate the latest proven techniques into your daily life.

Must Join to Hear these leading voices in biofield science, energy medicine, sound healing, psychedelics, and integrative mental health are among the global pioneers gathering to share their work with you. They will guide you through the latest in healing trauma, connecting through coherence, strengthening your intuition, working with the biofield, understanding the future of mental health, and more.

Learn how to access your heart’s healing energy and access your deep intuition

In this powerful hour, you’ll discover how your emotions are the greatest teachers for enabling you to listen to your deepest intuition, access the emotional healing energy of the heart, and awaken your body’s empathic healing wisdom.

In this powerful hour, you’ll discover how your emotions are the greatest teachers for enabling you to listen to your deepest intuition, access the emotional healing energy of the heart, and awaken your body’s empathic healing wisdom. No matter how stressed you may be, and no matter what’s happening in your immediate environment or in the larger world, the time for positive change is always now.

The Winter Solstice Is A Time To Birth The New – Join us December 17-21

Come experience this incredibly transformative experience, where spiritual masters and educators and mentors will inspire and guide you

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Discover how the Somatic Pandiculation technique restores optimal movement

discover three involuntary stress reflexes that lead to unconscious muscle contractions that you can get stuck in due to habituation

In Discover How the Somatic Pandiculation Technique Restores Optimal Movement & Reduces Chronic Pain & Tension…

… you’ll reverse Sensory Motor Amnesia — the number one reason for muscle pain — using a technique that resets your central nervous system and “unsticks” your body from harmful repetitive movements so you can live a full and active life.

Discover a Qigong Sounding Practice with Grandmaster Mantak Chia

Qigong Sounding Practice to Release Negative Energy & Receive Wellness & Joy with Grandmaster Mantak Chia

By Joining this Free Event You’ll Discover a Qigong Sounding Practice With Grandmaster Mantak Chia to Release Negative Energy & Receive Wellness & Joy: Align With the Ancient Principles of the Tao to Ignite Emotional Wisdom & Balance Your 5 Major Organs, plus discover how to balance positive and negative emotions as you move through a guided practice that helps release difficult feelings of fear, anger, grief, sadness, or worry — so you can live with optimal health, happiness, and vitality.

Uncover the Ancient Wisdom of Oracle arts Through Ritual & Divination Practice

oracle arts

In Uncover the Ancient Wisdom of Oracle Arts Through Ritual & Divination: Reading Signs & Symbols From the Unseen World for a More Purposeful Life, you’ll discover how to tap into the timeless wisdom of the ancient mystery schools… plus, experience a guided journey to activate the sun’s healing energy to transmute doubt and negativity and sharpen your intuition.