An Easy-to-learn Healing Technique to Become Your Own Medical Intuitive

become your own medical intuitive for powerful self healing

In Tap Into Your Medical Intuitive Powers: How to Access Your Innate Capacity to Sense Your Body’s Ailments & Enhance Your Wellbeing, you’ll gain insight into how to access your medical intuition, start to trust this innate capacity, and tune in to an area of your body that needs attention with a Guided Body Scan.

Somatic Movement Yoga Therapy Transform Loss Into Life Re-imagined with Wendy Stern

Discover a gentle approach to grieving that opens you to self-discovery and self-love

In Transform Loss Into Life Reimagined with Somatic Movement Yoga Therapy: A Gentle, Holistic Approach to Grieving (Any Loss) & Opening to Self-Discovery & Acceptance, you’ll learn a short, simple daily practice to lean into grief and difficult feelings — due to any type of loss — and move toward acceptance, healing, and self-love.