Deepening Your Meditation Practice – March Event to Join

Must join deep practice event with pioneering contemporary spiritual teacher and internationally renowned mystic Thomas Huebl to hear how to integrate deep spiritual openings into your daily life in a FREE virtual event: The Next Level of Meditation: Discover an Accelerated Path of Awakening & How to Navigate Common Pitfalls of the Advanced Seeker.

Writing Practice to Free Yourself: Join – April 28 – free, Live Event

Writing Practice to Free Yourself: Join - April 28 - free, Live Event

Open to Universal Wisdom & Truth Through a Writing Practice Would you like to discover deeper truths about who you are and what’s possible for your life? You may be surprised to hear that your personal writings can be a powerful spiritual practice that frees you from stuck energies, old ideas, and stagnant visions. In fact, there’s remarkable new science that shows that journaling, if done in the right way, can help us metabolize the past (or the present) in a way that opens us to more creativity, expanded possibilities, and a whole new story for our life. If you’re ready to shed old stories to open to your higher truth and realize more of your hopes and dreams, I have a very special invitation for you… You can join bestselling author and teacher Mark Matousek for a free virtual event — How to Free Yourself Through Writing: 4 Keys for Creating a Transformative Spiritual Practice — taking place Saturday, April 28 (replay later). In this free …