Here’s How to Help Others Heal by Awakening Your Innate Medical Intuition

how to help others heal by awakening your innate medical intuition
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Connect with your innate medical intuition to help others lead more fulfilling lives.

What if you could have a powerful influence on the wellbeing of your loved ones… or anyone facing a health issue?

How would you feel if you could love and serve others by tuning in to what’s ailing them — physically or emotionally — and then actively participate in helping them heal?

Though you may not realize it, you already have this ability. The skill of medical intuition is within you, right now.

According to Tina Zion, medical intuitive and psychic medium, medical intuition is part of everyone’s innate intuitive sense 

On Saturday, March 26, Tina will guide you through a meditation that can help you awaken your medical intuitive skills and receive continued guidance as you learn to help others heal… 

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Learn how to help others heal by awakening your innate medical intuition

In this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between intuition and medical intuition, how we all have access to both, and ways you may be blocking your intuitive senses
  • meaningful and healing gift from the unseen realms — through a guided meditation — to awaken your medical intuitive skills
  • The importance of asking for permission to help others when working as a medical intuitive — and how to approach those discussions
  • The benefits of learning from medical intuitive “specialists” to elevate your own work
  • How to use astral projection (a type of intentional out-of-body experience) and remote viewing (the ability to perceptually acquire accurate information about a distant place, person, or event) in conjunction with your medical intuition

Healing begins at the energetic, nonphysical level — the right tools can unlock your healing power and help you release stuck energy and liberate those around you from their deep-seated pain.

Tina will illuminate what it means to be a medical intuitive — and provide guidance on how to perceive energy fields, life patterns, and the origins of one to three health struggles.

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In Answer the Call to Be a Medical Intuitive for Others with medical intuitive and psychic medium Tina Zion

… you’ll explore how to connect with your innate medical intuition so you can help others heal and live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.