Join Winter Solstice Fest! Release 2020 to Begin anew in 2021

Join kindred spirits all around the globe to celebrate the December solstice... Release 2020 and start fresh in 2021!
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Celebrate the winter solstice with music, ritual, and ceremony for renewal.

It’s time to release, ground, and manifest. 

Since ancient times communities across the world have gathered to honor and celebrate the changing of the seasons.

These celebratory moments played a vital role in revitalizing community spirit and affirming vital health for the coming year.

In the spirit of honoring these ancient traditions, I’m excited to invite you to the Winter Solstice Fest, presented by The Shift Network, happening on December 18, 19, and 20.

This dynamic online festival will present an international lineup of musicians, artists, visionary speakers, Indigenous elders, and more.

>> Reserve your place here free of charge <<

Celebrate the winter solstice with music, ritual, and ceremony for renewal

The 3-day event will also include special ceremonies, workshops, and live “link ups” to other Solstice events across the world. Woven throughout the event will be sacred prayers offered by first nation elders and spiritual teachers from many nations.

You’ll hear exclusive performances by favorites such as Trevor Hall, Zap Mama, Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, Ayla Nereo, Michael Franti, Shpongle, and many more! 

Savor nourishing and enlivening ritual and prayer with elders and ritualists from around the globe, including Sahara Rose, Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, Jeralyn Glass, Rutendo Ngongo, Druid elder Chris Park, Achintya Devi, and many others. 

In these unprecedented times of division and social change, the Winter Solstice Fest is a welcome invitation to join together as a global community and reconnect with our hearts.

Let’s come together and honor the ancient traditions as we set a powerful collective intention to manifest a new year of peace, health, and unity.

>> Join us on the longest night of the year (for those in the Northern hemisphere… and the shortest for those in the Southern hemisphere) as we collectively bring back the light. <<

Join us in Music Ritual & Manifesting at online Winter Solstice Fest 2020

Here’s what people say about Shift festivals:

This is absolutely the most beautiful soulful event! What a blessing to the world! To us all who are present!
— Dorie Pride

What a wonderful global festival this is. First of its kind to the best of my knowledge. Almost like a 2020 online Woodstock.
— Summer Craig

The Shift Network has assembled a treasure trove of interesting, diverse speakers for this wonderful online summit. I found every interview so positive and interesting that at the end of each interview I was rushing to find out more about each speaker. Every aspect of this summit seemed suffused with joy.
— Andrea Ayers, Los Angeles, California

EPIC event! Thank you Shift Network! You and the team are a blessing! Love. Peace. Blessings. Unity.
— Gwen