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How To Promote Your Udemy Course Using Google Adwords
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 IntroductionSo your course is done, you hit publish and now the money rolls in while you sleep right?  NOPE, now comes the hardest part!  You have to get people to view your course and then hopefully they'll buy it.  This is called “traffic”.  We're going to show you how to get this traffic from Google.  They've got an advertising program, completely controlled online called Google Adwords.I'm Not Affiliated With Google Adwords or UdemyI don't work for them, I'm not endorsed by them in any way, (although it would be awesome if I were).  I'm just a guy who's done this before and trained over 10,000 pay per click marketers since 2004.Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is a HUGE source of traffic for your course.  It's “paid” traffic meaning you have to buy it but it's an awesome way to get virtually instant traffic to your course only limited by the amount of money you want to give to Google.Google makes the bulk of their money through advertising from people like you, me and several large corporations.  Google’s total revenues for 2012 were $50 billion.   Adwords consistently accounts for approximately 97% of Google’s revenues.  Why do people continue to pay Google these outrageous sums?  Because they make a lot more than they spend and so can you, (with the right training).  They operate on a “pay per click” basis.  Meaning you only pay when someone clicks your ad.  Pretty nifty isn't it?If this is all greek to you at this point, no worries, you'll be a Google Adwords master by the time you're done & your course will be getting all the traffic you want!Ready to get a lot of people looking at your Udemy course?Let's get going… >> More details…